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DGDR chuck micro mini pneumatic chuck quick air

pressure rotary chuck automatic chuck laser equipment chuck

1.JAC series is a small rotary air chuck, with small size , saving space.

2.JAC Precision collet chuck with inner rotary air cylinder.

3. No need to install an extra cylinder, draw tube or an air feeder, saving facility costing.

4.Max outer diameter is 102MM, the clamping of though-hole is 15MM.

5.The clamping accuracy of JAC is within 0.01MM, and the repeatability accuracy is 0.03MM.

6.Max R.P.M is 3500RPM

7.Using YB-15/YB-25/5C/16C Chuck models, forcing clamping to loosen, feeding material smoothly.

8.No displacement when clamp the work-piece.

9.Max operation pressure is 3-8KG

10.With semi-tight design, highly dustproof and waterproof.


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