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Customized Taiwan genuine imports custom internal support clamps seat

CNC high precision pneumatic hydraulic internal expansion tension clamps

How to choose the suitable chuck ?

Considering 3 questions:

1.Size of work-piece (Including ID&OD)

2.Processing requirement

3.For what kind machine?

(CNC lathe, machine center, drilling machine, milling machine, welding equipment, pipe

threading machine, grinding machine)


DTG expanding mandrel usually use for CNC lathe, grinding machine,  milling machine, or same machine with special usage. DTG series can provide a large, balance and stable clamping force with double-angle design. Standard option is suitable for through-hold work-piece. Special option is blind-hole work-piece.


1.Double-angle principle allows for fast loading or uploading of components.

2.Hgih precision expanding mandrel, the repeatability accuracy is within 0.015mm

3.Large expansion range up to 0.8mm.

4.Greater holding power by applying pressure evenly along the length of the sleeve.

5.0.013mmT.I.R accuracy.

6.OEM/ODM is highly  welcomed.


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